Emulators Immo

Emulators Immo
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Emulator allows to start the engine in emergency state when you do not possess the original key. It is very useful when you lost the key because you can only make an extra one without necessity of coding the immobilizer.
Price depends from model.We ask about contact.
Available models of immobilizer:
  • BMW old models EWS2
  • Fiat/Alfa all models without CAN
  • Dewoo all models with exception of Matiz
  • Dewoo Matiz
  • Nissan to 2000r (all models).
  • Volkswagen/Audi/Seat (all models through K-line)
  • Renault (without CAN)
  • Mazda (all models to 2002)
  • Honda do 2002
  • Mercedes CAN(CR2, CR1,petrol)
  • Chrysler (all models to 2001 Diesel)

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