J-Tag Programmer

J-Tag Programmer
J-Tag Programmer J-Tag Programmer J-Tag Programmer J-Tag Programmer J-Tag Programmer J-Tag Programmer
Brand: SMOK
Product Code: SMOK019
Availability: 4 - 10 Days
Price: 70.00€

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Universal programmer J-Tag. 
It supports processors:HC12, HC08, Micronas, MAC, Infineon, Renesas, Freescale, HC12XEP 5M84h CAS4.
Attention !!!. Necessary interface J-tag (price: 50 eur)
PROMOTION (20.04.2015)
Promotive price of full option 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16 (without option 8 Renesas H8SX) - (900€)
Option 1. Updating Motorola programme HC12 (290€).
It enables programming in most of units in cars’ electronics.
The programmers are made in the most modern SMD technology. Whole process of production is automated. We use the highest quality components in our goods.
It operates :
It enables read / write EEPROM as FLASH.
It operates both secured units and unsecured.
It not needed outside power supply
Cooperates with Multiprog program (program for operating the programmer) and MicroClac (program to read and read in dashboards module CAS andEZS).
Both with programmer pictures are attached (how to connect /CAS/ EZS in dashboard).
The programmer is especially recommended to secured units.. Average time of read secured unit does not take more than 3 – 4 seconds and guarantees very high level of security read data (very often programmers destroy the content of Flash/EEprom memory).
After installing the program, descriptions, documents and Picture are in menu START „DOC” fold.
List of operated units:
MC9S12D64/DJ64 Mask: 0L86D, 2L86D, 2L86D, 3L86D,4L86D, 0M89C
MC9S12B128/DB128/DJ128/DG128/DT128 Mask: 1L40K, 3L40K, 4L40K, 0L94R,1L59W,5L40K, 0L58S, 0L85D, 1L85D, 0L80R,1L80R, 2L80R, 3L80R
MC9S12DG256/DP256/DT256/H256 Masks:1K78X, 2K78X, 0K79X, 1K79X,2K79X, 0L01Y, 3L91N
MC9S12DP512 Masks:0L00M, 1L00M, 2L00M, 3L00M, 4L00M
MC9S12XDP384 Masks:0L15Y, 1L15Y, 0M84E, 1M84E,0M42E, 1M42E, 2M42E
MC9S12XDP512 Masks:0L15Y, 1L15Y, 0M84E, 1M84E,0M42E, 1M42E, 2M42E
MC68HC(9)12DG128A/DT128A/DC128A Masks:3K91D
MC68HC(9)12DG128/DT128 Masks:5H55W, 0K50E
MC68HC(9)12D60 Masks:0K13J, 0K75F, 1F68K, 1L28M, 4F73K
Only unsecured:
MC9S12XEQ512 0M25J,0M25J,1M25J,2M25J,3M25J
MC9S12XEP768 mask:4M48H,5M48H
MC9S12XEP100 mask:0M22E,1M22E,2M22E,0M48H,1M48H,2M48H,3M48H,4M48H,5M48H
Option 2. Updating Motorola HC08/HC908 (200€)
It supports all EZS Mercedes (also secured 4J47Y i 1J35D in W203, W220 ,Sprinter z 2L52H ,1L52H)
Programme supports maski 2J74Y, 3K85K,0J66D,1H56A,1L87J
Program Read/Write EE
HC08AZ32 EE Read/Write EE
HC08AZ60 EE Read/Write EE
HC08AZ32 EE Read/Write EE
HC08AZ60 EE Read/Write EE
HC08AZ60 EE Read/Write EE
01/16/2016: corrected all the features of HC08 (introduced changes to the documentation HC08 connections, improved communication, accelerated reading)
-Read Flash MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC908AZ60A, MC68HC908AS60A, MC68HC908AZ32A, MC68HC908GR16 (read is required to know the password, the program has a database of most standard passwords)
-Write Flash MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC908AZ60A, MC68HC908AS60A, MC68HC908AZ32A, MC68HC908GR16
Option 3. Updating MOTOROLA MAC 7242, 7241, 7116 (460€)
Accessible functions: Read/Write EE, Read,Write FLASH, Read/Write Shadow
MAC7116: Read EE, Read/Write Flash, Erase
MAC7241: Read All, Read/Write EE, Read/Write FLASH I, Read/Write FLASH II, Read/Write Shadow
MAC7442: Read All, Read/Write EE, Read/Write FLASH, Read/Write Shadow
Option 4. Updating Infineon XC 2361 (230€)
Possibility of programme Read/Write EE, Read/Write Flash
Supported models:
Option 5. Updating Micronas CD3297,3217 (280€)
Unblocking processor Micronas makes possible.
Model 3272 support by OBD interface UHDS
Option 6. Updating Freescale MPC5604, SGS Thompson SPC560P (380€)
Freescale(Motorla) MPC5604 (Flash+DataFlash) , SGS Thomson SPC560P (Flash+DataFlash)
AirBag Honda,VW,Audi , Renault.
SPC560P5L5 64 kb Data FLASH Read/Write
SPC560P5L5 521 kb FLASH Read/Write
SPC560P5L5 16 kb Shadow Read
SPC560P5L5 16 kb Test Read
Option 7. CAS4 Secured (free with full option)
Programme supports service MC9S12XEP 5M48H (CAS4) Secured.Updating for interface J-Tag
Attention. Safety of reading on level 90%
CAS4 Secured: Unsecured, Read/Write Flash, Read/Write Data Flash
Before unblocking to heat up processor. 40-60 °C.
Warning. Difficult processor. Working with him at your own risk
Option 8. Renesas H8SX (650€)
Programmer Renesas H8SX (R5F61721,R5F61725).
RepairAirBag Toyota ,Subaru,Honda.
New function for Renesas H8SX (R5F61721,R5F61725) :
Available functions without desoldering of processor
-Read eeprom
-Write eeprom
-Read flash
-Write flash
Available options for interfaces above SN>3000
Supported models:
Option 9. Updating NEC V850 (220€)
NEW accessible in packet full from10.03.2014
Actualization supports processorNEC V850
-Read/Write Flash
-Read/Write Data Flash
Programming in arrangement in mode SPI and UART
Only for interface J-tag with SN>3000
Option 10. Update HC05 (130€)
New from 23.02.2016
MC68HC05B6, MC68HC05B16 MC68HC05B32 Secured –wymagany adapter
MC68HC05X16,MC68HC05X32 Secured –wymagany adapter (used in : EZS W202, W210, Sprinter , Vito)
MC68HC05E6 –dostepny adapter (możliwość programowania w układzie (used in : ELV W202, W210, W211,W203,W906,W639)
MC68HC05L28 Secured , Unsecured –wymagany adapter
Needs adapter. Available from 15.03.2015
Supported HC05 unsecured
HC05x32 Read/Write EEprom
HC05B Read/Write EEprom
Option 11. Update HC11 (70€)
Supported models:
HC11A8/E EEprom Read/Write
HC11EA9 EEprom Read/Write
HC11F1 EEprom Read/Write
HC11K/KA/PA EEprom Read/Write
HC11PA8 EEprom Read/Write
HC11PH8 EEprom Read/Write
Option 12.Update Renesas R32C (220€)
Support models:
R5F64219 Flash Read/Write
R5F64xxx EEprom Read/Write
R5F64xxx Data Flash Read/Write
R5F64524 Flash Read/Write
R5F64525 Flash Read/Write
Option 13. Update Renesas M32C (220€)
Supports models:
M30833FJ Flash Read/Write
M30835FJ Flash Read/Write
M30853FW Flash Read/Write
M30853FH Flash Read/Write
M30853FJ Flash Read/Write
M30855FW Flash Read/Write
M30855FH Flash Read/Write
M30855FJ Flash Read/Write
M30880FW Flash Read/Write
M30880FH Flash Read/Write
M30880FJ Flash Read/Write
M30882FW Flash Read/Write
M30882FH Flash Read/Write
M30882FJ Flash Read/Write
M30835FJ EEprom Read/Write
Option 14. ST10 (new from 26.02.2015) (230€)
ST10F168 256k Read/Write Flash
ST10F269 256k Read/Write Flash
ST10F275 832k Read/Write Flash
ST10F276 832k Read/Write Flash
ST10F280 512k Read/Write Flash
Option 15. Fujitsu MB... (from 20.04.2015) (280€)
MB90Fxxx 16LX
MB91F224 32FR
MB91F467 32FR
MB91F577 32FR
MB96Fxxx 16FX
Option 16.Fujitsu MB91F061 MB91F062 MB91F067 (from 16.11.2015) (160€)
Support models Fujitsu 
MB91F061 read/write Data Flash
MB91F062 read/write Data Flash
MB91F067 read/write Data Flash
The processor is present in cars Kia/Hundai/Honda
Dash Denso :
Kia Picanto,2015+
Kia Carnival 2015+
Kia Sorento,2015+
Hyundai I30, I40 2015+
Honda FIT,2015+
JAZZ 2014+
Option 17. NEC V850 E2 70F35xx (160€)
NEW from 01.03.2016
Option JG 0022 supports processors NEC V850:
Option 18. Obsługa HC08 MC68HC908 LJ12,LJ24,LK24,AZ60,AS60,AZ32,AB32 (160€)
NEW from 01.03.2016
-add support MC68HC908LJ12 (Read Flash, Write Flash, Read Security Password)
-add support MC68HC908LJ24 (Read Flash, Write Flash, Read Security Password)
-add support MC68HC908LK24 (Read Flash, Write Flash, Read Security Password)
-add support MC68HC908AZ60,AS60,AZ32,AB32( Read Security Password)

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